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With gas prices being what they are and the ingrained need for surfers to hunt down the best wave on any given day, one of these is looking like a pretty good option for some local sandbar exploration –

It’s kind of hard to tell from the photo, but it’s got board racks mounted to the frame under the seat.

Stringerless EPS fish

Little bit of old mixed with a bit of new and you’ve got yourself a stringerless EPS twin fin.

It’s got the old “Creative Visions” Mandala lam from back in the day.

Hunker’d down

Been “hunkered down” trying to stay dry from Fay’s deluge –

Hope everyone made it through alright. Seems the flooding has mostly gone down, but the ocean is looking pretty nasty and the Brevard County Health Department has issued a precautionary advisory for the local beaches due to questionable water quality.

Stringerless EPS ‘Razor’

These stringerless EPS ‘Razor’ boards have been getting extremely good feedback. Ultra-light and super durable with double the glass of a current “comp-weight” board.

Have your cake and eat it too, light weight, durability and performance. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other anymore. Available in custom shapes!

Biofoam Longboard

Need a green shred-sled to go in your Frybrid diesel VW bus? We’ve got just the thing, how about one of these Biofoam longboards…

Seriously though, these Biofoam boards ride great and hold up extremely well.  If you’re looking for an alternative that is a little more environmentally friendly you should definitely take a look at a Biofoam board.


Little 5-fin convertible egg. Ride it as a quad or a thruster to play around and explore some possiblities

These boards are funnest in the sub-6′ length range. Nice and thick though to keep them floatey. They are little pocket rockets.

Out Back

Ready to go at a moments notice, just waiting for the tide to drop –

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