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Opaque resin tint

Noserider with an opaque resin-tint, style and functionality.

Get yours today!

Got a Floatey Fish?

You should…

But don’t take my word for it, check out these reviews at


This board is really long-


Biofoam shaping video

Shaping a 6’6 Biofoam board:

Thanks to Kevin Colber for the video & editing.

completely sick surfboard sale

All this week and this weekend we are having a really sick sale on all our shortboards. Get a killer new performance shortboard by Neilson, Ricky Carroll, Rich Price, Chris Birch, Bat surfboards for $50 off the already good prices on our boards. This is for all in stock boards that are ready to go.

Sale ends July 20th so Shop early to get the best selection…and be ready for this next swell ! We are also doing a super sale on all used boards. Marking many boards down and giving $25 off all consignment boards. Scoop up a sick deal on our many super nice boards…


The Long and the Short of it…

The long…

And the short…

of this past swell. Schralping it up behind the shop this past weekend.

Tommy Evans (long) and Lee Roth (short) enjoying some of Bertha out back.


Pimpin’ ain’t easy, and this hustler is holding it down with the help of his Biofoam board –

(BTW, his hat says “HUSTLER” if you’re wondering what the hell the reference above is all about)

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