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Saturday 27th Visual

In sharp contrast to yesterday’s metaphorically dark, depressing forcast…

Here is today’s ACTUAL dark, depressing visual –

Pretty much flat and cold. Small-kine shorebreak, but nothing too exciting.  We’ve gotta get waves soon… right?

The Cold Nothing

This might as well be the surf report for the past few weeks –

More cold, windy and no swell. This winter has sucked for us. If you live in Puerto Rico it’s been all time.

Beach Renourishment

Spray paint, tape, a razor and a lot of patience…

Some art to liven up an otherwise plain board:

Masking tape, a razor, some cheap spray paint and a lot of patience to cut out the checkerboard pattern.  Try something on your own board, worst case scenario you can just sand it off.

Hull-tastic voyager

6’4″ x 20.5 x 2.5 single fin Hull.
S deck 50/50 rails with low rocker and super foiled edges.
Shaped for Team Rider Ryan, but available by custom order anytime for those Hull shredders out there.

Rack O’ Boards

Boards O’ Plenty sitting in the racks just waiting for a new home.

Little bit of everything in there. Long, short, poly, epoxy, bamboo/carbon. Something for everyone.

Hopefully some more waves coming late weekend/early next week. Keep an eye on it, the winds cool be favorable. If you’re out this way, swing in the shop and say hey.

Tuesday waves

Some fun waves this morning. Low tide is around 11am and the winds are SW and supposed to pick up later this afternoon.

Still fun right now mid-morning so get on it if you can!

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