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Frank killing it as usual…

Frank rides longboards better than your ride a shortboard.

Neilson Surfboards - Longboard Surfing

Frank schralping one off the lip - Photo by Chris Hampson


Inside the Factory – Dec. 4th

An educational event from the surfing industry for the surfing community. The R & D Surfboard Factory will open it’s door for a public open-house.

December 4th
R&D Factory
488 Gus Hipp blvd
Rockledge, FL

R & D Surfboard Factory Tour - Neilson Surfboards

Inside the Factory Flyer

December 4th 2010

This is an open and FREE event. Tour the R&D Surfboard Factory and see exactly what it takes to build your surfboard. Have your questions answered by the guys who do the work.
There will not only be the normal R&D staff there but also others from different factories and suppliers.
Have questions about shapes, foams, glass? There will be people on hand.

Read more about it here:

Black Friday / Saturday Mega-Sale!

BIG Sale at the Shop Today and Tomorrow (Friday & Saturday) –

20% off new Rip Curl
30% off everything else in the store except:
20% off new Neilson boards
10% off all used boards

Stop by and pick up some good deals!

What’s SUP?

We’ve got this 9’2″ SUP for sale in the shop, dimensions: 9’2″ x 29 x 4 1/8

Neilson Surfboards - Stand Up Paddleboard - SUP

9'2" SUP

Lots of other sick boards in stock too, stop by and check them out in person.

Used Board inventory now online

We’ve added the Used Board inventory to the Shop Inventory page on the web site:
The Used Boards are at the bottom, new boards are shown first then used boards. This is pretty much everything we’ve got in the shop so you can browse online in the comfort of your home (or classroom :D).

We also added a Paypal “Buy Now” button for those of you from out of state. The shipping is a flat $100 rate for any board. We’re just trying to see what the demand for this is so the shipping may be tweaked in the future to accommodate the difference in shipping between longboads and shortboards. If you’re interested in shipping multiple boards, just call the shop (321.868.3800) since shipping is cheaper with multiple boards per order.

That is all. Carry on…

Saturday Surf Visual

Surf is looking really fun, NW winds this morning so further north is cleaner and smaller –

Cocoa Beach Surf Report

Cocoa Beach surf photo stolen from Miker on 2ndLight.

Big Fish – 8’0 five fin

8’0″ x 23 x 2 3/4 Stretched out fish with five fin option for a variety of fin setups.

Neilson Surfboards Epoxy Fish

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