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No Parking…

Busy day this morning at Neilson Headquarters. Overflow parking in full-effect:

Neilson Surfshop Overflow parking

Waves were fun this morning. Hit up your favorite low-tide spot this evening or tomorrow morning for more of the same. Get it while you can, summer is here.

Meet the Shaper – June 21st

Meet and talk with Rich Price at the shop on June 21st from 11am – 2pm

Got Biofoam?

New Biofoam rocketfish –

Got Biofoam?

All business…

We take our jobs here at Neilson Surf Shop very seriously. Only the finest pressed trousers and collared shirts and ties for the buying public.

Luckily, it’s business casual so we can get away with flip-flops. Put on your favorite power-tie and come see us today!

Get one for each foot

At 5’6″, you can get 2 of these little Biscuits, one for each foot. For reals though, don’t let the lack of length fool you, these boards are a blast in small, dribbley summer surf. What they lack in length they make up for in thickness and volume. Still plenty of paddle power but small enough to fit into the pocket of the tiniest of waves.

The couple that plays together, stays together.

These two could be an ad for Doublemint gum, doubling their pleasure…

Stop by and pick up an extra board for that special someone in your life. Hey, it’s a good excuse to add that addition to the quiver that you’ve been eyeing while scoring some much needed brownie points.

Blank Skinnin’

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